Lynsay Ryan is not only a gifted personal trainer but also a truly wonderful person. She creates an exercise regimen that is planned to meet your personal fitness goals and is tremendously flexible in meeting your personal schedule.  She is also always on time and always upbeat.  She combines equal measure of encouragement and challenge so you always feel you're making progress.  I highly recommend her!

Ted Strand


Having my first baby at 40, I knew I had to keep up with my exercise regimen if I was going to stay in shape. Lynsay helped keep me motivated, healthy and fit before and after my son's birth. My pregnancy and labor were much easier than expected due to my physical fitness. Now that we are working on our second baby, I can't imagine doing this without Lynsay! Who says you can't have kids and be fabulous in your forties?

Jennifer Needles 


A little over two years ago I found Lynsay and came to her stating 'I want your arms.'  Within less than three months the transformation process began and not only with the arms, but the confidence in myself grew, also. Now, two years later, I wear sleeveless shirts and am proud to display what some refer to as the 'guns.'  Most importantly, I leave a session with Lynsay feeling that self-confidence grow and knowing I've conquered something I wouldn't have by myself.  I look forward to sessions because she never does the same thing twice.  I never realized how many different exercises were available for working just the arms.  Lynsay is innovative, flexible, and without a doubt, she gets results.  Hence, my newly defined arms! 

Carla Dirks, 33 


"I'm in my 50s, and desperately wanted to my body to look great for my wedding. I started training with Lynsay just a few months before the big day. Two short workouts a week gave me the toned look I hoped to achieve, and two years later, we're still working together. Lynsay is smart, focused, goal oriented, and makes working out much more fun than it should be." 

Audrey Neems


I have been training with Lynsay Ryan for six years. She is a well trained, very professional young woman. As my personal trainer she has brought me up to a better state of well being than I was in before we started. Lynsay pushes you to your top effort, but, never beyond. She has a well developed sensitivity to her client's capacity. I will continue training with her til the end, I'm 91 years old. 

Hal Matthies MD 



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